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A Softer World: 737

(heartbreak is the real chlamydia)

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A Softer World: 737
(heartbreak is the real chlamydia)

I’ve never truly understood that people attack others (in whatever way) out of their own insecurities more than I do in this moment.

I do not love you. I do not love you.

P: So why literature?
C: I think there's always something to be learned by that which isn't necessarily possible.
P: Explain more?
C: Fiction and literature are necessary and important to the discovery and analysis of human nature! What a wonderful thing to study.
P: Tell me more, I'm so curious.
C: I don't know how to explain more! What specifically are you curious about?
P: What have you learned about human nature?
C: I have no faith in society, but I have the greatest belief in the power of the individual.
P: That's such a contradiction.
C: Absolutely not. Group mentality is poisonous. It is not indicative of the power of the individual and individual thought.
P: Right, but the way in which it is poisonous, there is the potential for doing great things.
C: Perhaps. I'm not taking away from potential for good, but in my eyes, I have learned that society is detrimental to creativity, beauty, and individuality.
P: What do you define as society? And how then do those in creative environments prosper with ideas and thoughts from others?
C: Organized civilization, I suppose.
P: What about the latter question?
C: Again, I'm not polarized on this to the point of denying the good parts of society. Without each other, we lose a lot of the best things in life. However, relationships are not indicative of society, and society isn't always indicative of horror. However, I detest blind following, groupthink, society pressure. I believe in the individual and individual relationships. I don't believe in majority beauty in society.
P: I'll be honest, that was extremely eloquent and I can't find a reason to disagree with you on the vast majority of the points you bring up.
C: Thank you.
P: No, thank you.
C: You're welcome.
P: I have another question, though, if you don't mind me asking.
C: Sure.
P: Are you religious?
C: No. I consider myself spiritual though.
P: In what way?
C: Privy to the fluctuations of nature? Desirous of finding truth and my way in the world?
P: That's beautiful.
C: Again, thank you.
P: I feel like you're an amazing writer.
C: I like to write. Tell me about you. Your talents.
P: I love concepts and creative thinking and just fall in love with problems. I love empowering people and by nature I'm curious, always have been. I really enjoy finding unorthodox, slightly disruptive answers. But I guess one could say I'm all over the board. I'm an art major who used to be an athlete. I don't know if those are talents, more of a ramble.
C: A thoughtful ramble.
P: Thank you.
C: I relate to you in being curious and loving problems.
P: It's quite exhilarating. Do explain, though.
C: In the way you said, basically.
P: I feel like I didn't answer your question properly though.
C: Answer it to your satisfaction, then.
P: Define talents first.
C: It's up to you to interpret my question.
P: See, but that's where I have trouble. It could be so many things.
C: How you choose to answer is an answer in itself, is it not?
P: True, I'll let the first one stand then.
C: It was well said.
P: What would you say yours are?
C: A penchant for eloquent explanation, the ability to find the light in darkness, and an excellent sense of humor in my own shortcomings.
P: All very true, I imagine.
C: I sure hope so.
"Meine Soldaten"
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The beginning of a beautiful Wednesday.

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The beginning of a beautiful Wednesday.

Do what you love, it will take you where you want to go.

it’s your birthday.
just sort of reflecting on what might have happened.

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I love @caityzubler

I love @caityzubler

i completely cut you out, but i can’t bring myself to delete these stupid text messages. they’re just fucking text messages. but they are simple reminders of a time gone by and i guess i’m over having my love life be lots of bitter memories.

11 Feb 14 at 5 pm
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Set the rifle sights on yourself.
Stop aiming for someone else.

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Stephen King, The Body 1982  (via pigmenting)

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"Love isn’t soft, like those poets say. Love has teeth which bite and the wounds never close."

"Tell me again about the wedding
we did not have. How I did not wear white,
did not choke on tradition, did not blush.
All the weddings that were not weddings,
the vows that were just sneezing.
The road ahead painted on a wall and how
we sped over and over again into the brick. I say “we”
like you weren’t just watching me bruise.

Did you know I built us a home, laid the brick,
filled it with Jameson and apple-cheeked
children? I tried to slip the key onto your tongue
but you cannot kiss a smile. So my home is not
an honest home. So my home is an empty bed.
That’s the thing about heart break. It’s the
smallest of worlds ending. Everyone goes around you
smiling, like it’s nothing to close a door"

i love you and i love you

i’m not even wasting my time (this time) telling myself that i don’t, because i do and i always will

you’ll be back, and i’ll be here

maybe we won’t end up together, but we will end up in this together

i look forward to my future loves
i resonate in the memory of ours

last night is going to be one of those nights that i remember. i don’t have words yet, just what i know very soundly in my being.

we sail with the tide, crashing against the coastline to a slow seep, bound to moon after moon after many moon.